The project

After moaning and complaining, like most artists, about the pain that new technologies have brought to the music biz, Jorge Drexler (an Academy Award winner and 14-time Grammy nominee) decided to use technology in his own advantage and started a 15 month research process partnering with Wake App, an App Publisher. After some months of experimentation, more actors were drawn into the process: Samsung, Warner Music, Telefónica, the Basque Country’s Symphonic Orchestra and nine prominent guest artists such as René from Calle 13 (4.6 million followers), Kevin Johansen or Kiko Veneno…

Drexler’s solution to the pain in the music industry and the new audiences’ lack of interest in purchasing songs or albums is to transform listeners into users and audio files into software, so as to provide new levels of experience that make songs valuable, interactive products in a save app market.

App-Songs are interactive songs that can be transformed by users.

It contains three different “app-songs” where Drexler has revolutionized the conventional songwriting process and has developed the ability to compose commercial songs specifically designed to exploit the capabilities of mobile technologies without loosing their identity or structure as original and distinct compositions.