This is the first automatic platform for promotion of free and paid
apps to the Top. It allows to promote mobile application
to the TOP with warranty or just to buy installations on CPI-model.

Our platform

Today it is a unique technologies
gathered in one place:
  • "Searcher" Technology allows to analyze App Store algorithms online and receive data about the required number of installs needed for promotion to any position in the stores in 11 countries all over the world.
  • "Searcher" technology allows to generate more than 15,000 daily installations
    on any device.
  • «Antifraud» and «Antibot» technologies make our traffic crystal clear, Wakeapp - is real users only with unique devices, where all the installations can be tracked by the tracking systems.
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Our team

  • Eduard Lebedev CEO
  • Andrey Veryaskin Chief
    for products
  • Sergey Polyakov Technical
The system is using only own sources
of traffic for apps promotion


Incent traffic service AppCent with more than 500,000 real users,
who get remuneration for making certain actions, whether it is app installation, launching,
activity for 30 seconds, passing tutorial, or achieving of the
level of the character.

  • 75% men
  • 25% women
  • 40% Android
  • 60% iOS
  • 40% gamers


Mobile network Paymaks (CPA and CPI models) with more than 800 partners, who provide us with
high-quality traffic worldwide. They are the owners of various resources,
such as mobile applications, blogs, forums, groups, social networks, websites and others.

  • 800 partners
  • Worldwide
  • Own system
    of traffic optimization
WakeApp is integrated with the world leading tracking systems.

you can see all the installations in your accounts.